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Rapid Speech Therapy Tip 8 – Minimize Corrections

Tip 8 –
Minimize Corrections

Through experience I have learned I am much more effective when I correct my clients less.

Do you like it when someone is correcting you?

Is it comfortable or fun for you?

Not likely!

Focus on practicing what the child can already do.

The key is to work on developing the speed and smoothness of their target sounds.

This will pay big dividends when developing targets into conversation.

Our time in high-repetition therapy is spent practicing what the child can do, and not on corrections.

Children enjoy this style of drill work because they are experiencing so much success.

The number of repetitions per practice session will sky rocket.

Constantly correcting your child while doing the drills,
means you are working at too high of a level.

If you find you are correcting frequently, make the drills easier.

Slow down to reconnect with accuracy.

If needed, drop down a level on your speech roadmap to make the drills easier.

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