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Tip 16-
Remember 1435

A Speech Pathologist gets to hear how busy a child's life is.

I often have clients trying to convince me that they are far too busy for practice.

Karate, piano, dance, soccer, baseball, hockey, movies, parties are just the start of the reasons why their practice can't be done.

This earns them a 1435 discussion.

“There are 1440 minutes in a 24 hour period.  1435 is the number of minutes that remain
after doing their speech drills.”

In my world there are few things more important than being able to speak and be understood.

We are working on something that will be used dozens if not hundreds of times a day for their entire life.

This is important!

There is no reason for not being able to do speech drills for 5 minutes a day.

It doesn’t take long.

There is no reason your life has to suffer.

It just takes some commitment and follow-through.

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