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Rapid Speech Therapy Tip 17 – Believe in Your Child’s Greatness

Tip 17-
Believe in your Childs Greatness

I commonly hear parents report, "my child won't work for me but they will work for others.

To reverse this it is quite simple. 

Your actions follow what you think.

If you think your child is incapable of doing something than you won’t even try.

Believe in your child’s ability whole heartedly. 

Support them like they are going to succeed.

This is the most direct path to success.

The biggest gift you can give a child is the unwavering belief in their ability to progress and improve.

It is amazing how much a difference it makes when someone believes in you.

When this occurs, what is possible expands.

“If you need help in believing in your child,
you need to find a Speech Pathologist who believes in YOU.”

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