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Tools for Developing Stimulability

Making the /r/ sound

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Making the /s/ sound tool

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Developmental Norms Tool

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Making the /th/ sound

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The first step in developing a speech sound is stimulability. Stimulability means the ability to produce a sound by itself, when it is modeled.

Some sounds are trickier to produce than others. I've put together a series of training tools that you can use to help develop the /r/, /s/, and /th/ sounds. These are the most common speech errors that I see in school-aged children. 

Speech therapy tools

These tools contain demonstrations and explanations on how to produce, and further develop each of these sounds. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, a Speech-Language Pathologist or simply interested in developing a speech sound on your own, I hope you will find these tools useful.

Developmental Norms Tool

Not all speech sounds are expected to develop at the same time. Some develop early, and some develop later. Speech sound development is an ongoing process for a number of years through childhood. 

Speech-Language Pathologists often use speech developmental norms to help assess the priority of different sounds when putting together a therapy plan.

Our Developmental Norms Tool allows you to see the norms associated with different ages. You can use it to see the sounds:

  • 90% of children that age have achieved.
  • May be developing.
  • Are expected to develop at a later age.

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