Get Faster Speech Therapy Results? 

Step-by-step Articulation Therapy for Parents 

"Every parent can speed up their child's speech therapy progress"

Marcus Little M.Sc SLP Registered Caslpo Speech Language Pathologist

Optimize Your Therapy Homework and Crush Speech Errors

When I was a new SLP right out of Grad school I struggled. I had a limited number of visits. I could see kids a maximum of 1 x a week. Kids were not progressing.  I felt like I was making no difference at all.   I was stressed. I got into this profession to make a difference and could not live with being ineffective. I rolled up my sleeves and focused on doing only the things that were delivering results. I dedicated years to perfecting a solution. I came to the conclusion that an effective solution would:

+ Maximize therapy time – by maximizing number of repetitions per session.
+ Train parents, teachers, volounteer and caregivers in delivering step by step articulation therapy
+ Support those individuals in overcoming any obstacles in their way.

Getting kids beyond their speech difficulties takes work. When only the SLP is doing the work it will take longer! Get more people doing the work and the time in therapy reduces. More hands equals quicker results.

It is Possible to Help Your Child Overcome their Speech Errors quicker?

Absolutely! Nothing boosts a child's progress like committed parents working a daily home program.  Help  your Speech Pathologist by doing some of the work. Be committed to working a little bit each day with your child on their speech program. This is the critical piece to speeding things up. Want even faster results? Build a team to work with your child. When the team is trained to work with your child and follows the same game plan, you will find many hands make light work. To help you with a game plan I am making my “20 best Tips for Rapid Speech Therapy” available free of charge. You will learn:

  • A Road Map to follow to keep you on track.
  • What is the best starting point.
  • What specifically to target and strive for
  • How to model for your child
  • The importance of speed, accuracy and automaticity
  • How to maximize the number of productions easily
  • How shorter sessions are better
  • How to cut frustration
  • How to end pausing and emphasis
  • How to set up daily homework habits that support your success.
  • To believe in your Child’s greatness.

…And much more.

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